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Copper Wiring Reaches New Speed Record

If you though that fiber optic wiring was the only was to reach the next level of ultra-broadband speeds, check out what Bell Labs is claiming they’ve achieved in terms of new speeds using copper wires and a new transmission technology. In an article posted on Network World Bell Labs is claiming that they have acieved speeds of 10Gbps using regular copper wires.  From the article:

The technology, called XG-FAST, is an outgrowth of a standard undergoing final review at the International Telecommunications Union, called The specification calls for the use of a wide spectrum range of 106MHz – far larger than that used by existing DSL technology. Effectively, can send or receive data much faster than conventional DSL, though it can only do so over comparatively short distances, around 100 meters.

This means that businesses that aren’t currently wired for fiber optics may soon have new speed options with an existing copper connection, although some retrofitting may be required. The technique is based on the standard being considered by the International Telecommunications Union; it’s a DSL standard designed to sustain 500Mbps connections over legacy copper cable networks using a 106MHz frequency range. Marcus Weldon, president of Bell Labs said “Our constant aim is to push the limits of what is possible to ‘invent the future’, with breakthroughs that are 10 times better than are possible today.” While many urban areas are either already wired or being wired for fiber optic cabling, this discovery could have a major impact on rural areas where network providers are less likely to build out fiber optics due to cost concerns. If this new transmission technology becomes adopted it may mean that some companies will need to update their network cabling accordingly, but it will likely depend on the individual network.

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