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Great Looking Racks Winner

When it comes to great looking racks, Summit Communications runs with the big dogs, which is why we were surprised to find out too late that there is a contest for such designs. We’ll have to take part in this one next year. The contest for Greatest Looking Racks is put on by Middle Atlantic Products and we are going to do our best to make sure we get an entry into this one the next time it is held. The winner was chosen to be Electreonic Lifestyle Associates. Their installation didn’t just include low voltage cabling, but also included a host of environmental, security, and entertainment solutions. Beyond these the system can also handle all of their lighting and the devices connected to the network can be reset remotely using iPads or other devices.

The firm’s detailed prewire schedule and planning made pulling 3.8 miles of low-voltage wiring extremely organized and efficient, Elliott reports. The wiring covered HD video, surround sound and stereo audio, networking, telephony, lighting control, motorized shading, surveillance, accent lighting and environmental control systems. Additionally, ELA can reset every device in the system with remote management capability.

While this dream setup might not be within the budget for every home, it’s important to note that solutions like these are scalable and can be tailored to any home. The way they set these racks to roll out of the wall is pretty nifty and seems to have made the 3.8 miles of installed cable flow from one central location is awesome. Depending on customer requests we may get an entry into next year’s competition.

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