Security Cameras

We install a wide range of security cameras and surveillance systems. We can provide all of your security camera and surveillance needs. For 28+ years, we have served businesses in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia & Washington DC area.


Install a new video surveillance system

  • Surveillance site plan
  • Professional cabling & installation
  • New camera system installation

Fix, improve & expand existing video surveillance system

  • Replace non working cameras
  • Upgrades to older security cameras
  • Improve current surveillance networks

We have found 1 in 3 Security Camera Systems are broken!  Let us fix your current system so you can have the coverage you need.

A good video surveillance system will:

  • Monitor your property
  • Video documentation
  • Deter theft & bad behavior
  • Increase employee productivity

Businesses use video surveillance to reduce issues and provide a more secure environment.

  • Medical offices
  • Adult day care & assisted living
  • Business services
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses & parking lots
  • And many more..


Let Summit Communications answer your questions, develop a plan, provide pricing and options for you.


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