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Thinking Of Moving Your Business? Read This First.

Businesses relocate all the time for different reasons. One of the biggest concerns when moving your business should be migrating your existing data/voice network to the new location. While this may seems like a headache, there are a few considerations you can make that will help guide you along the way as well as pitfalls you will want to avoid.

1. Planning Your Move

Before you begin to look at new locations, the first thing you will need to do is ask some basic questions:

“Is my new location wired to support my existing network?”
“Is the infrastructure up to date?”
“Are there any power requirements that I will need to account for?”

Unless your business is in the telecom industry, these questions may be tricky. At this point you’re just in the research phase and you have the benefit of being able to engage a professional to provide you with feedback on your needs and may discover some issues that you didn’t know you had.

2. New Service Providers

If you are leaving the service area of your current provider you will want to determine if your existing services are supported by a new provider in the area you are considering.

3. Upgrading Systems During the Move

Now is also a good time to ask yourself “Would it be cost effective to upgrade at the time of the move?” As you will already be engaging telecom professionals to migrate your hardware, now is a great time to ask them about any new features you may have been considering.

4. There’s No Substitute for Experience

The ultimate takeaway you should make here is the necessity of engaging the right talent to get your system up and running at the new location. Turning to a trusted provider like Summit Communications puts you in good hands with seasoned professionals who can evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations accordingly.

Moving can be stressful so make it easy on yourself by hiring the right team to get you there.

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